Can I get parts for a very old Suzuki outbord?


Suzuki will do its best to get you the parts you need, but the older the motor, the less likely it is that parts will be readily available. Availability, to a certain extent, depends on how many models the specific part was used for and the number of years your model was produced. You'll find the manufacturer's identification tag on the motor mount bracket, generally on the starboard (right) side of the bracket. Be sure to take down all the information on the model designator, including all prefixes and suffixes and show it to your Suzuki dealer. We'll do everything possible to help you get new parts for your older Suzuki outboard. Even if we don't have a new part, all is not lost. Since Suzuki outboards tend to run forever, several Suzuki Marine dealers offer recycled parts on the web. Just direct your search engine to "Boating," with the sub-topic of "12-mail order parts." Good luck! To find the Suzuki dealer closest to you, click here.

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