Frequently Asked Questions

How does Suzuki fight saltwater corrosion?

Suzuki uses a basic four-part system to fight the effects of saltwater corrosion, beginning with the use of high-grade aluminum alloys for the engine castings.

Next comes the three-part surface treatment that begins with a thorough chemical cleaning of the casting to eliminate anything that might prevent the adhesion of the surface coatings.

After the chemical cleaning, the parts are submerged in an electrified bath of chromium oxide. The bath changes the make-up of the casting's surface and creates an invisible barrier that literally becomes a part of the casting.

An extremely hard but resilient epoxy resin primer is baked on. Finally, the castings are given a final coat of urethane marine grade paint. This paint cures to a tough, yet lustrous finish, completely sealing the engine from the saltwater environment. Click here for more information.