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Frequently Asked Questions

What other corrosion-fighting features are there?

To prevent galvanic corrosion, key bolts, nuts and washers are also coated with chrome or Dacromate, a specialized corrosion-fighting marine primer that creates a barrier between dissimilar metals. Cylinder head bolts and exhaust cover bolts are chrome-plated for added durability, and exposed portions of stainless steel and tempered steel bolts, nuts and washers are sealed with a final coat of urethane paint.

As a final measure, Suzuki's one-piece engine hood and baffled air induction system effectively seals the powerhead from saltwater. This comprehensive anti-corrosion system assures you of reliability, durability and corrosion resistance in any saltwater environment. Click here for more information.

As an essential provider of quality outboard motors, service, parts, and related safety equipment, we know that you count on Suzuki to be there for you, every day. We want to assure you, our customers, that you remain our top priority, always. During this critical time, Suzuki will continue its operations in order to meet your essential transportation needs.

Contact your local Suzuki marine dealer for questions concerning service, parts, accessories, or the need for a new Suzuki outboard motor. Please note, Suzuki marine dealers are independently owned and operated businesses, and may be subject to local directives. Contact information for Suzuki marine dealers in the continental United States and Alaska is available on this website.

Stay Safe. Keep a Healthy Distance. Enjoy your Suzuki.