Frequently Asked Questions

What is a monitor gauge system?

Monitor Gauge System

It's a light, it's a buzzer, it's a system that Suzuki pioneered over 20 years ago that can save your engine, your wallet and your day. Suzuki's Digital ignition systems are complemented by an engine monitoring system that keeps the operator constantly informed of vital engine functions. In the event one or more sensors detect the following:

1. A higher than normal water temperature
2. An over rev condition
3. An low oil pressurer
4. And a convenient oil change reminder

the operator is alerted to the potential problem with a light, a buzzer and a reduction in engine rpm. The oil change reminder does not lower the RPM, but the gauge will light up and the buzzer will continue to beep until the reset. The Monitor gauge is designed for the DF40-300. (See your local Suzuki Marine dealer or read your owners manual)