Frequently Asked Questions

What does custom performance mean?

Boating is not a one-size-fits-all activity. Requirements for various aspects not only require different types of boats, but also motors with different types of power deliveries and other characteristics. As an example, in the real world of bass fishing, you have lightning-fast hole shots, wide-open throttle runs, and then long sit-and-fish periods. Suzuki's DF250SS is engineered to provide maximum performance under just these conditions. In addition to electronic fuel injection, it features a 4.0 liter Big Block V6 Four-Stroke engine with Variable Valve Timing, Multi Stage Induction, Forge Pistons, Offset Drive Shaft, Two Stage DOHC, Streamlined Gear Case, 32 Bit computer, Direct Ignition, High Output Alternator, Regulated Dual Charging System, Tilt Limit Switch and Dual Engine Flush Ports. This outboard will flat-out get with the program.

On the other hand, offshore fishing requires an engine capable of making long runs at mid-range throttle settings, going out to where the fish are and then spending hours at low trolling speeds. Suzuki's Offshore DF200, 225, 250 and 300 V6 outboards are engineered to power fishing boats and offshore cruisers. These engines provide exceptional mid-range torque and are programmed for maximum performance and efficiency during lengthy cruises or long trolling sessions. These outboards offer all of the advantages of Suzuki's 4-stroke technology, such as superior fuel economy, quiet, low vibration and environmentally friendly operation all while providing impressive performance and rock-solid reliability.

Don't over look any of the awesome Suzuki 4-stroke outboards we have to offer. From the mighty mite DF2.5 all the way up to our Flag Ship DF300, we have the power you want.