Frequently Asked Questions

What is "counter rotation"?

If you have dual-mounted engines (Twins) and the propeller blades are turning clock wise (right), your boat is going to have a tendency to move in that direction as well. That problem is solved with counter-rotating props, one turning counter clock wise (left) and the other turning clock wise (right). This feature provides straighter steering, more level trim, balanced thrust and zero torque thrust. In other words, it keeps you going straight where you want to go. It's a feature found on the DF140A, DF150, DF175, DF200, DF225, DF250, and 300hp models. Suzuki has advanced this design by integrating both Standard and Counter-Rotation into a single unit - Suzuki Selective Rotation. By strengthening the lower unit's forward and reverse gearing, Suzuki engineers have designed a lower unit for the DF300AP and DF250AP that will run in either right or left rotation.  This system has many benefits to the Boat Builder, Dealer and Retail Consumer.  Suzuki Selective Rotation eliminates the need to purchase a dedicated "Counter-Rotation" outboard by using a special switch that when connected to a circuit inside the engine compartment, turns a regular/standard-rotation outboard into a counter-rotation model. Boat Builders and Dealers do not need to stock standard and counter-rotation models, thus reducing inventory and flooring costs.  When repowering, Retail Customers can have their counter-rotation model reprogrammed to standard-rotation for sale on the second hand market. This can help reduce the cost of repowering.