Frequently Asked Questions

What is Variable Valve Timing (VVT)??

The cam shaft(s) in a four stroke engine determines when the valves, both intake and exhaust, open and close. Cam shaft(s) are designed with specific duration (the amount of time the valve is closed) and lift (the height the valve opens). Typically a high performance engine will create the most torque near the top end of a specified RPM range. But an outboard motor also needs to have a strong mid and low end torque range. This is where VVT comes in. By varying the intake valve timing by as much as 40 degrees, the cam shaft timing is optimized for low range and mid range torque. This process is controlled by hydraulic pressure from the oil pump. It is all automatic. All you have to do is go boating. Suzuki variable valve timing is standard on the DF175, 250, 250SS and the 300.