Frequently Asked Questions

  How can I get in touch with the Suzuki Marine Customer Relations department?

A) Use the Dealer Locator tool to locate your nearest Suzuki Dealer or
B) Should you have a situation that you believe requires Suzuki’s immediate assistance, you may call Customer Service at 714/572-1490. Customer service representatives are available from 8:30am – 4:45pm PST. Or
C) Put your inquiry in a letter, including copies of all relevant documents (service records, etc.). Include the Outboard Model, 6-digit vehicle Identification Number (VIN), your full name, mailing address, and day/evening phone numbers to:

Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. - Customer Service
PO Box 1100
Brea, CA 98288

Customer service inquiries for Suzuki Motor Vehicles usually involve documents which cannot be handled effectively via email. Therefore, inquiries which cannot be answered by your local dealer, should be submitted via U.S. mail. Please be advised that most customer service inquiries can be handled by your local Suzuki Marine dealer who is familiar with your area and your Outboard Motor.

We have found that speaking with a trained customer service representative eliminates misunderstandings, which are commonly encountered with email communication. We also know that situations can be resolved quickly when all the relevant facts, events and details are discussed in a thorough manner. It is essential to have your facts organized and available before calling us. This will speed the resolution process. Relevant information would include the following: model, vehicle Identification Number (VIN), date of purchase, selling and servicing dealer, names of staff you have already approached plus a summary of your needs and expectations.

Please be advised that e-mail sent from this site goes only to the Webmaster, who is not located on the premises of Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. Because most customer service inquiries require documentation, E-mail will only delay a timely response to your request.