Announcing New Suzuki Precision Control Electronic Throttle And Shift System

January 28, 2007

Advanced Fly-By-Wire Technology Debuts With Suzuki’s Breakthrough 300 Horsepower V6 4-Stroke, Provides Superior Control and Easier Rigging For Single, Twin and Triple Motors An outboard as revolutionary as Suzuki Marine’s new-for-2007 DF300 — the world’s first 300 horsepower 4-stroke outboard — deserves a control system that is equally innovative. So engineers developed Suzuki Precision Control™, a computer based, fly-by-wire electronic throttle and shift system that puts unprecedented power right at the fingertips of today’s boaters.

Suzuki Precision Control delivers precise throttle control and instantaneous, decisive shifting for single, twin or even triple installations of Suzuki’s new DF300. By replacing the friction and resistance often associated with mechanical cable controls with advanced electronic technology, boaters can enjoy unparalleled control. The smooth operation and accurate shifting of this system improves operator confidence in every boating situation. Its benefits become especially clear, however, in the low rpm range and in close quarters maneuvers such as docking, side-tying or putting your boat on a trailer. Adding to this sense of security are built-in features that help the engine and drive components against damage from operator mishandling.

Suzuki Precision Control also offers dual helm station capabilities — a Suzuki first. Its fly-by-wire design allows for rigging dual helm stations without resorting to complicated long-run cables and added resistance and corrosion issues. In conjunction with Suzuki’s new DF300, this will be a big benefit for owners of outboardpowered cabin cruisers, center console sportfishers with towers, pilothouse boats or other craft with twin stations. This new system is available with attractive, ergonomically designed single or twin binnacle controls. A sophisticated control panel mounted nearby on the dash allows for easy access to important control functions. In single engine configurations, this panel provides Push-Button Starting, Station Select and Throttle Only Switch to lock the drive system in neutral while advancing the throttle.

The Dual Engine control panel adds an Engine Synchronizing Switch for easy operation of both engines with one control handle and individual Up and Down Engine Tilt Switches for each engine. The Triple Engine control panel adds a Center Engine Control Switch that allows control of the center engine with the port-side control lever. If the Center Engine Control Switch is in the neutral position, this locks the center engine in neutral and lets the operator control the two remaining outboards with the binnacle controls — ideal for tight maneuvers. It also offers an Engine Synchronization Switch for easy control of all three outboards.

In addition, the availability of Suzuki’s DF300 and the new control Suzuki Precision Control system for the 2007 model year makes this an ideal combination for saltwater anglers and performance-minded boaters looking to re-power with the world’s most powerful V6 4-stroke outboard. This new control system is an idea complement to Suzuki’s Serial Indicators and Monitoring System gauges. The tachometer combines traditional pointer-style engine RPM readings with a digital indicator capable of displaying RPM, trim angle, cooling water pressure, fuel consumption (in gallons or liters per hour), engine temperature, battery voltage, engine operating hours and shift position. This multi-function tachometer also provides warning alarms for engine over rev, engine overheat, low oil pressure, low battery voltage, oil change reminder and a check engine light.

In addition to a pointer providing accurate boat speed, the companion speedometer gauge offers digital readings of boat speed, fuel level, water temperature, fuel consumption (in miles per gallon or kilometers per liter) and water depth. Optional sensors may be required to receive some of this information. To learn more about the new Suzuki Precision Control system, Suzuki’s new DF300 4-stroke, or any of Suzuki’s award-winning line of 4-stroke outboard motors, contact Suzuki Marine, 3251 E. Imperial Highway, Brea, CA 92821 • (714) 996-7040 • Or visit

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