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Suzuki Outboards Make a Big Splash at Seaworld San Diego

August 1, 2001

August 01, 2002 - SUZUKI four-stroke outboard motors have long been recognized for being quiet, environmentally friendly and hard working. Thanks to a recent agreement making SUZUKI the Featured Outboard Motor Supplier of SeaWorld San Diego, SUZUKI motors will now be working hard to help educate and entertain visitors to the nation's pre-eminent marine theme park.

SUZUKI has provided several motors - including its award winning, fuel-injected 70-horsepower and 40-horsepower four-strokes and 15-horsepower portable four-stroke outboards - for use on SeaWorld's fleet of workboats. These SUZUKI-powered boats are being used for a variety of behind-the-scenes activities, from transporting people and supplies for habitat maintenance to resetting the elaborate staging for SeaWorld's hit show Cirque de La Mer (Circus of the Sea). This exciting on-water show - which takes place in SeaWorld's Amphibitheater - delights park visitors with a combination of mysterious creatures, acrobatics, music and special effects.

"We're thrilled with the performance of our SUZUKI four-stroke motors," said Randy Ward, entertainment manager for SeaWorld San Diego. "We're especially pleased with how smoothly, quietly and cleanly they run. We demand a lot from our performers, crews, and our equipment, too, and our new SUZUKI motors are more than up to the challenge," added Ward.

SUZUKI MARINE's new association with SeaWorld San Diego is just one example of the company's long-time support of worthy charitable and environmental causes. The SUZUKI Rock 'n Roll Marathon has raised over $62 million for leukemia research. SUZUKI also provides much-needed equipment for marine conservation and education groups, including the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, California State University Long Beach, and the University of Miami. The University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS) has been responsible for raising and restocking hundreds of thousands of redfish into Biscayne Bay.

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