Lean Burn Control Technology And New Oxygen Sensor Improve Efficiency And Exhaust Emission Level of Suzuki DF300 4-Stroke Outboard Motor

September 29, 2011

The Innovation Award winning DF300 broke new ground in many ways.  It was the very first 300-horsepower 4-stroke outboard. At just 604 pounds and with a stylish, compact prifile, it shattered pre-conceived notions about 4-stroke weight and size.  It deliverd outstanding performance with excellent fuel economy and was the first outboard from Suzuki to offer Suzuki Precision Control electronic throttle and shift system.

Suzuki is taking this outstanding outboard to the next level.  The addition of Suzuki's Lean Burn Control technology as well as a new Oxygen Sensor will provide boaters with a dramatic improvement in fuel economy and reduce carbon monoxide (CO) emissions, further enhancing the overall performance and value of the DF300, Suzuki's flagship outboard motor.

"The DF300 really redefined what a 4-stroke outboard was all about," said Larry Vandiver, Director of Marketing for Suzuki Marine. "Now, we're doing it again, with new innovations that deliver better economy without a sacrifice in power or performance.' 'And the addition of an Oxygen Sensor allows the DF300 to better control emissions and operate cleaner than before."

Suzuki's Lean Burn Control Technology, also found on the New Generation 40 to 90 horsepower outboards, uses an on-board 32-bit computer to analyze the input from engine sensors to accurately predict and optimize the fuel/air mixture. The DF300 is able to take even better advantage of this system owing to the integration of electronic data from the Suzuki Precision Control system. This additional information allows for the precise matching of fuel flow to engine conditions and power demand throughout the entire RPM range.

The addition of the Oxygen Sensor further improves the performance of the Lean Burn Control system, providing the computer with additional data to more efficiently control fuel/air ratios and exhaust emissions under changing conditions, varying speeds and power demands. "In House-Suzuki Testing" indicates the new DF300 with Lean Burn Control technology and the Oxygen Sensor us up to 14% more economical to operate than previous models.

To help improve durability the Suzuki DF300 will be fitted with a new water-detecting fuel filter.  Water in the fuel system has long been the bane of boaters. Suzuki's innovative new filter features a float that is lighter than water, but heavier than fuel.  Should water accumulate at the bottom of the filter housing, the float will rise, activating an alert signal at the helm.

Like all Suzuki outboard motors, the new 300-horsepower model is backed by Suzuki's 3-Year Limited Warranty.  For more information in the Suzuki DF300 with Lean Burn Control technology and Oxygen Sendor, Suzuki's new water-detecting fuel filter or the company's leading line of advanced 4-stroke outboards from 2.5 to 300 horsepower, contact Suzuki Marine at (714) 996-7040 or visit online at www.suzukimarine.com


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