Suzuki Marine Introduces DF150AP and DF175AP with Select Rotation and Suzuki Precision Control

October 4, 2016



DF150AP And DF175AP Offer Enhanced Performance And Reliability


Brea, CA – October 4, 2016 – Suzuki Marine, a leader in 4-stroke outboard technology and performance, is proud to introduce the DF150AP and DF175AP, two new models in their top-tier AP-Series. In addition to a long list of advanced features, these new 150- and 175-horsepower inline four cylinder outboards feature Suzuki Precision Control drive-by-wire throttle and shift, as well as Suzuki’s innovative Selective Rotation gear case.

Suzuki Performance DNA

The new DF150AP and DF175AP share their engineering DNA with Suzuki’s popular DF200AP 200-horsepower inline-four cylinder outboard. These three engines are all built off of the same 175 displacement inline-four cylinder engine block. In fact, the new DF150AP and DF175AP boast the largest displacement in their respective horsepower class.

Engine performance is enhanced by a 10.2:1 compression ratio that generates optimal power, contributing to an impressive hole-shot and mid-range acceleration. A newly developed Semi-Direct Air Intake System, further boosts power by providing cooler airflow to each cylinder.

With the addition of these two models, Suzuki offers a wide range of new generation lightweight, compact, yet powerful inline four cylinder
4-stroke outboards.


Suzuki Precision Control

The ease of control with Suzuki’s drive-by-wire throttle and shift system is well known, and well-liked by boat builders, dealers and boaters. However, you may not know that the electronic throttle is monitored by the onboard CPU’s Lean Burn Control system for improved fuel efficiency, especially at midrange cruising speeds.

Suzuki Selective Rotation – A Suzuki Exclusive

Suzuki Selective Rotation uses a specially-designed gear case capable of either standard or counter rotation. When the outboard is installed, the dealer or boat builder simply programs the outboard to either standard or counter rotation. This eliminates the need to stock separate standard and counter rotation models, and provides the consumer with an outboard that can easily be changed when it’s time to upgrade.

Improved Reliability and Durability

The DF150AP and DF175AP feature onboard systems to manage engine operations and improve durability and reliability. An Oxygen (O2) Sensor Feedback Control System allows the CPU to precisely manage fuel/air mixture so the engine can continually maintain peak operating efficiency and optimal fuel economy. A Knock Sensor tracks engine timing in order to maximize power output and increase engine durability. Lastly, a Water Detection System, including an onboard water detecting fuel filter, will alert the operator with both a visual and audio warning so that immediate steps can be taken to minimize any possible engine damage.

Offset Driveshaft Layout

Like several other Suzuki outboards, the crankshaft of the AP-series outboard engines is offset from the drive shaft. This design allows for a two-stage gear reduction and delivers more power and torque at the prop so a larger diameter, more aggressively pitched prop can be used, resulting in a powerful hole shot and impressive top-end speeds.

Multi-Point Sequential Fuel Injection and Lean Burn Control

Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control system takes full advantage of the onboard CPU’s 32-bit computing power and Suzuki’s multi-point sequential fuel injection system. Using a network of sensors, the CPU monitors engine and ambient conditions to most efficiently match fuel/air mixture with engine rpm. Lean Burn Control delivers a significant improvement in overall fuel economy, but especially when cruising.

Variable Valve Timing (VVT) and Multi-Stage Induction

These proven systems work together to provide maximum power output across a wide rpm range. Multi-stage induction ensures that the engine breathes properly, adjusting airflow depending upon rpm and engine load. Variable valve timing further improves on this system by adjusting intake camshaft timing. The result is a dramatic improvement in torque – and consequently in acceleration, especially mid-range to wide open throttle.

Ideal for a wide variety of boats, from pontoons to center consoles, from walleye boats to bay boats, Suzuki’s new DF150AP and DF175AP set a new standard for innovation, performance and reliability. These new engines will be available this fall in Suzuki’s popular cool white, as well as their new Pearl Nebular Black color.

Suzuki Marine offers a complete line of 4-stroke outboards from 2.5 to 300 horsepower. For complete information, visit or call Suzuki Motor of America, Inc., (714) 996-7040.





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